Tongue Twisters beginning with N

Nat the bat swat at Matt the gnat.

National Sheepshire Sheep Association

Near an ear, a nearer ear, a nearly eerie ear.

Ned Nott was shot and Sam Shott was not. So it is better to be Shott than Nott. Some say Nott was not shot. But Shott says he shot Nott. Either the shot Shott shot at Nott was not shot, or Nott was shot. If the shot Shott shot shot Nott, Nott was shot. But if the shot Shott shot shot Shott, then Shott was shot, not Nott. However, the shot Shott shot shot not Shott -- but Nott.

Never trouble about trouble until trouble troubles you!

Nick knits Nixon's knickers.

Nine nice night nurses nursing nicely.

Nine nimble noblemen nibbled nuts

No need to light a night light on a light night like tonight.

No nose knows like a gnome's nose knows.

No shipshape ships shop stocks shop-soiled shirts.

Norse myths.

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